Brand Elevation – Telecommunications

Category: Telecommunications

The Facts:

A multinational client sought to define and project the company’s image and public presence in the U.S. as well as build relationships with public and private leaders.  As a foreign operator in nearly every country in which it operates, our client faced additional scrutiny and challenges in new markets.  Furthermore, the quickly changing telecommunications sector’s new and evolving regulations could have had a debilitating effect if our client’s interests were not properly represented.

How We Got It Done:

Educating Stakeholders:
We created a stakeholders map with our client to maximize the efficiency and reach of our efforts.  Through direct meetings, events and forums we generated opportunities to collaborate with government officials, NGOs, and leading business executives.

Building a Profile:
Sphere leveraged our client’s global position to demonstrate value to key stakeholders.  We developed speeches, presentations and multimedia products to showcase our client’s messages on innovation, leadership and corporate social responsibility at events with hundreds of executives, public sector representatives and media.

Setting the Agenda:
After incorporating influentials from the policy, academic and media communities, our client’s annual conference grew to become a marquee event on global leadership, transforming it into an agenda-shaping conference that attracted high-level CEOs.

The Results:

Using a message platform that defined our client as a global leader, we helped grow relationships across sectors, administrations, and stakeholders to develop the company’s institutional presence and reinforce messaging on issues such as open markets and trade.


  • Government: Congress, White House, USTR, State Department, FCC, SEC

  • Media: Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Miami Herald, Time, Newsweek