Reputation Management – Healthcare

Category: Healthcare

The Facts:

A multinational health care company’s market position in the U.S. was challenged by lack of awareness about the brand and the company’s origin.  Competitors with a larger domestic presence sought to block our client from market expansion and limit its growth in markets where the company was thriving.  Specifically, our client was facing pressure from Members of Congress to relinquish the patent rights of one of its major medications.

How We Got it Done:

Targeting Influentials:
We leveraged an ongoing brand advertising campaign and devised a strategy targeting media and government elites, working with like-minded partners to help deliver a coordinated message bolstered by supporting research.

Inoculating Audiences:
Sphere highlighted the fact that our client was already successfully engaged with the U.S. government to address several other major health concerns.

The Results:

Our efforts helped protect the client’s market share and resulted in a favorable relationship with the government due to a greater comfort level among key audiences with the company’s role in the U.S. health care market.


  • Government: FDA, Congress, SEC

  • Media: Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph, The Hill