Shifting the Narrative – Litigation Support

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The Facts:

In the wake of discovering a $9 billion embezzlement, money laundering and Ponzi scheme committed against it, a prominent and respected privately held company retained Sphere to manage its stakeholder outreach, communications, and litigation support needs. Before the facts were out, the media, regional governments, and the financial community prematurely made up their minds on a case that left over 100 international banks exposed to $22 billion of fraudulent debt.

How We Got It Done:

Defining the Debate:
Countering the opposition’s campaigns with a constant and rapid-response media relations strategy, we changed the perceptions of the case with coverage in major U.S., European, and global media outlets, successfully shifting the public discussion on the situation.

Expanding Jurisdictions:
Sphere raised the profile of the fraud, attracting attention and eventually intervention from numerous governments, which redefined the playing field.

Creating Opportunities:
Amid a turbulent financial period, it was difficult to keep attention focused on a prolonged litigation battle being fought in multiple jurisdictions around the world.  Sphere not only maintained coverage on the matter, but introduced new sets of stakeholders that raised the overall level of awareness and attention.

The Results:

Sphere retold the story, and in doing so, realigned media and government influentials to alter how the case was dealt with in the U.S. and around the world.


  • Government: Department of Justice, Congress, Treasury

  • Media: Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Economist, The National, CNBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Gulf Daily News

  • Legal Team: Lewis Baach, Lipman Karas